Laddercompetition encourages sporters to challenge eachother. A challenge is not to be refused so meeting new people is easy. Whether you are a member of a club or if you are playing on a public court without clubmembership, laddercompetition is available to everyone. We offer an App for web, Android and iOS devices that enables you to join or create your own laddercompetition. The App can be used for many different sports. Owners of a laddercompetition can create their own custom rules or use the standard rules that we implemented.


The important thing in life is not the triumph but the battle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

Pierre de Coubertin(1863-1937)


Why do I (or my club) need a Laddercompetition App

With the laddercompetition app it is easy to create and manage a competition for your favorite sport.

For most sports we have defined standard rules which you can customize easily. Participants see a graphical overview of the ladder, in ladderview or pyramidview, dependent on their preference. The position of the user is indicated as well as all other players in the competition. The user can look at the profile of other players and challenge someone. Setting a date and time, availability and receiving notifications is possible. The laddercompetition app can be used for multiple sports including tennis, squash, darts, tabletennis, badminton, padel, fencing, shooting and many more.

For sportclubs this is a great app to attract more members.

Add your club logo, sponsor logo, upload prize information and Let's play!



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June 23, 2017 - June 22, 2018


More members

Potential members prefer to join a club who organizes events. Unfortunately organizing events usually takes a lot of time and effort from volounteers. With the Laddercompetition App creating and maintaining a laddercompetition is easy. No more manual updating of scores or time consuming administration.Laddercompetition does it for you.With a few clicks the competition is created. Use the standard rules or customize them if you like. Get a sponsor to pay for the competition in return for some advertising space(if you want to).




Always up to date

Laddercompetition is always up to date. After players entered the score, the Ladder is updated and published instantly. Ready for viewing on the website, on the tv in the club canteen, in the native App on your favorite handheld device or you can print it out. Players will receive a notification of the updated scores automatically, unless they turned off the notification.A match result can be shared on various social media.

For everyone

Many different sports are supported. If you can't find your sport in the list, choose 'Request Sport' and enter it manually. After verification we will add the sport for you. You can set the rules for your sport yourself, or you can use the default rules which we created for you. Adding, changing or removing rules is easy so customize your competition the way you want it. Anyone can create a competition, whether you're a member of a club or not. Just select a plan that matches the expected number of players, or choose the free competition where participants pay individually.

Intuitive and fun

Our App is easy to use. You can see your own position in the Ladder, see the profile of your opponent, receive notifications(if you want to) and many more features are integrated into the App(iPhone and Android) Ofcourse you can also use the website which has the same functionality.


Features of the App

Create a new competition

  • Choose for whom(ladies ,gents or both)
  • Choose age group
  • Select ranking(optional)
  • Set startdate and enddate
  • Choose subscription end date
  • Define the rules (use our standard rules or make your own)
  • Create a secret code(organizers code) to uniquely identify your competition(optional)
  • Decide if only club members are allowed to join(club id field is to be completed)
  • Add Prize information
  • Set location(s)
  • Add logo's (eg clublogo and sponsor logo)

My Competitions

  • A graphical overview of the ladder
    • pyramid view or ladder view
    • with or without level indicator
    • horizontal or vertical(portrait or landscape)
    • show name or profile picture in ladder(or both)
  • The Prize you can win
  • Information about your feloow competitors(eg photo, age, gender etc.)
  • Challenge opponents easily

My Challenges

  • Challenges that are not yet accepted with remaining time left
  • Planned matches
  • History of played matches


  • Your profile, contact info, photo etc.
  • Select a sport, set availability and rating(optional)
  • Invite friends
  • Enable or disable notifications for
    • receiving Challenges
    • receiving match Results
    • receiving messages to change date/time to play

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